Basel Gold Day II: Recycled Gold

Date: 26-27 October 2022
Format: hybrid workshop, Basel Switzerland
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Many actors in the gold supply chain have sought ways to avoid being criticised for the conditions of extraction of their gold or the impact of such extraction on local communities. One such way has been the increased use of recycled gold. About one third of the gold refined per year is considered recycled.
However, defining recycled gold has been a major challenge. If the definition is too broad, there is a real risk that problematic gold (e.g. conflict gold) will be laundered and declared "second-hand". Furthermore, the most important standards each have a definition of recycled gold, adding to the confusion between different actors in the value chain. Finally, experience has shown how dangerous this practice is as it has led to a significant disengagement of major players from ASM mines, in contradiction with the OECD's demands. Nevertheless, there seems to be a growing awareness among the major standards of the importance of agreeing on a consensual definition in the interest of a responsible and coherent supply chain. Recent efforts are being made, notably through the launch of a working group open to all members of the gold ecosystem and led by the Precious Metals Impact Forum, to coordinate efforts and conduct a major reflection aimed at finally obtaining a harmonised definition of recycled gold.

The workshop is in hybrid format, physically for those ready and able to come and electronically for those preferring to participate from home.

All participants are invited to the pre-conference dinner kindly sponsored by Argor-Heraeus (please register). All times are CET.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2022




Pre-conference apéro and dinner in Hotel Krafft (Rheingasse 12, 4058 Basel)

Thursday, 27 October 2022


Agenda item



Welcome coffee



Welcome address

Keynote speech

Sabrina Karib, Precious Metals Impact Forum

Dr. Sandro Merino, Chief Investment Officer, BKB


Inputs by speakers & plenary discussion

Panel 1

Critical assessment of current definitions

Chair: Louis Maréchal, OECD


  • Juhani Grossmann, Basel Institute on Governance
  • Sakhila Mirza, LBMA
  • Patrick Schein, Gold by Gold


Coffee break



Inputs by speakers & plenary discussion

Panel 2

Recycled gold: the way forward

Chair: Gretta Fenner, Basel Institute on Governance


  • Mariella Meyer, WWF
  • Guya Merkle, VIERI Fine Jewellery
  • Sabrina Karib, Precious Metals Impact Forum





Inputs by speakers & plenary discussion

Panel 3

Current challenges
(e.g. Russian gold)

Chair: Mark Pieth


  • Christoph Wiedmer / Julia Büsser, Society for Threatened Peoples
  • Christoph Wild, Association Suisse des Fabricants et Commerçants de Métaux Précieux
  • Robin Kolvenbach, Argor-Heraeus SA
  • Anna Gossenreiter, SRF


Wrap up of the day

Sabrina Karib & Mark Pieth


Farewell Coffee